Love and passion between a man and a woman

Love and passion between a man and a woman

Love is not only in the air but also in the very pages of every Lena Hart novels. You can feel the love and passion between a man and a woman in every page of her book. Yes, you can definitely feel the love as you read her novels from inside your garage. But not only that, there is also a hint of mystery, danger, and suspense in her novels to keep you on your toes for what is going to happen next.

About The Author

Lena Hart is first and foremost a lover of books and of course the genre that she likes best is romance. She loved reading them so much that she was eventually inspired to write her own stories, some of which made their way to their school screen plays. That is how she got the support of her teachers in writing. She continued to hone her craft of weaving stories of love, mystery, and passion. Lena would always put a sensuality to her stories that would tickle the senses of her readers. She also loved giving life to characters of different races who fall in love with each other over time. As of this writing, she has written over 20 romance novels which usually come in a series.

Her Books

Here is a list of Lena Hart’s novels so you can check if you have read everything.

  • For her contemporary series – Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
  • For her Because You series – Because You Loved Me, Because You Are Mine, Because This Is Forever, Because You are My First Love
  • For her Daring series – It’s A Dare Baby, Her Seductive Dare, Courage
  • For her Suspense series – His Flower Queen, His Bedpost Queen, His Diamond Queen, Queen of His Heart, B is for Bedpost, The Devil’s Bedpost
  • For her Historical series – A Sweet Surrender, In the Morning Sun, Amazing Grace

If you want to purchase her books, head on over to to see her collection. You can also send us an email at and we will help you grab a copy of her books in your preferred format – digital or printed.

About Us

We are all members of We Hart Book Club, a group for booklovers with a particular inclination to stories of love and passion penned by Lena Hart. We know that just like us, you cannot wait until the next book is out so for the meantime, we invite you to join us in our discussions about love and romance. We have so many books our garage is overflowing with them. To make sure we protect them we got our garage door working with help from


Let us all share our experiences while reading her books, maybe some of you can relate to them, or you are just filled with so much emotions that you just have to share your story with other people who will understand where you are coming from. It’s okay, we will listen because we feel the same way too.

Happy reading!


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